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I want to take a few minutes to tell you about myself and what makes my company stand out from many others. I realize that your home is almost always your biggest investment and I feel that you should consider a lot of things when choosing a contractor to build or remodel your home.



       I have always had a love for working with wood and building things that have a wow factor for people. I went to a vocational college where I received a degree in Building Construction Technology. I learned how to build a house from the footers to the roof. I had extensive training in all aspects of carpentry and a basic knowledge of other related trades used in home construction.

       I am one of a dying breed of contractors who is almost always on his job site, either working with a pouch on or overseeing subcontractors. I know who is on my job sites and what they are doing.

I learned a lot from old-timers who taught me how to build correctly and that the building codes are a minimum standard and not necessarily the correct way something should be built.

There are many things I do when building that make a difference in the overall outcome of the project. I would be glad to tell you about these if we meet to discuss your project.

       All subcontractors that work on my jobs are licensed and legal US workers.

       I have been blessed to be able to use the talents I have with woodworking to go on several mission trips to help people out after disasters in many states--even going as far away as Honduras.  I have always felt that I should give back when I can.



A few questions to ask your potential contractor:

  • Are you on the job with a pouch on?

  • How often do you visit your job sites?

  • How do you choose your subcontractors?

  • Do you hire illegal immigrants?

  • Can I reach you by phone or text?

  • How do you handle change orders?

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